Eye Filmmuseum, IJpromenade, Amsterdam, Nederland

Data governance helps you get a grip on data flows, data quality and the responsibilities for that quality. It is a discipline that combines data management, data quality and data policy (DAMA definition). We are therefore not only talking about matters relating to the development, improvement and management of the (core) data that is recorded in the data warehouse. It is also about the processes, the assignment of roles such as data ownership and data stewardship and the development of data governance processes.

It can help you to tackle your data problems structurally and with a view to the future at the source rather than resorting to symptom control. And: embed it in your processes, organisation and systems immediately.

After a short presentation on a practical case, we will have the opportunity during the session to exchange views on a number of data governance-related issues. All this in a relaxed atmosphere and while enjoying a delicious course dinner.

Those issues are, among others:

  • How do you choose the right data governance set-up from a data foundation and the subsequent set-up requirements?
  • Which reference models and frameworks do we use and how do we connect them?
  • Which capabilities or business functions do you need for this?
  • Who is typically responsible for those capabilities, what roles do you need and how do you set up the organisation?
  • Are these questions also occupying you or your organisation?

Learn, get inspired and exchange experiences during this round table session with an experienced speaker and a select number of colleagues who are working on the same topic.

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