About this webinar

With your software or app to the Public Cloud? Good to know what that means! In this webinar, presenter Guido Laout gives you a look at the wonderful world of Microsoft Azure 🌍 What does the journey to Azure look like? What is the potential of Azure for your software or app? Guido shows you why Azure can be interesting for your organization and makes the forest visible through the trees again 🌳  🤖

Marvel at the world of Azure and watch this webinar!

Agenda of this webinar:

  • Azure: not a goal, but a tool
  • The trees/obscurities
  • Your sparring partner
  • The possibilities
  • Q&A

About the presenter

Guido Laout is Head of Customer Success at True. Together with his team of Customer Success Managers, he helps True customers with their daily business and offers them more proactiveness than they expect from the average hosting provider. Guido has never had a job outside the world of managed hosting. Why? Simple as far as he’s concerned: changeability. After 9 years, the industry is completely different: different technologies, new developments, methods and ways of working (together). And it is precisely because of this changeability that he is happy to take you along in new developments that help you to scale and realize the ambitions of your company or team.

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