For the forward-looking educational institution. A complete view of students: from potential student to alumnus with Education365.

Building a 360-degree customer view is of great value to educational institutions. Using the right insights, you can support students personally and better. GAC Business Solutions is an expert in the education domain and provides Education365, the software for relationship management in education. Education365 is completely based on Microsoft software.

Supporting the complete student journey and more. Innovative Cloud CRM software.

Binding and retaining relationships in the education market is crucial. The complete journey that students and course participants go through in the various phases of the student journey form the basis of Education365. Our smart software focuses not only on the student but on all relationships that are important to an educational institution.

By deploying Education365, educational institutions have the possibility to build up a 360 degree customer view, to communicate personally with the various target groups and to create as much value as possible for the institution and its relations.

One of the biggest advantages, is that our solution is based on Dynamics 365 CRM from Microsoft. In addition to the support for educational processes that Education365 offers as standard, it is possible to expand and customize the setup according to your own needs. Education365 runs completely in the cloud, so the software is always up-to-date with the latest functionalities.

360 degree customer view

Follow the student from the moment they show interest in an education through to graduation. And maintain a good relationship with the alumnus even after graduation by providing value to the professional.

All relevant relations

Make sure that all of your institution’s relations are in the picture. Have employees work together in one software system so that everyone can use the most complete and current information that has been recorded.

Study choice guidance

Help potential students find the right course of study. Communicate personally and with relevant information. The student and the institution benefit from the right student in the right place.

Work placements and companies

An important part of student development is practical training. Establishing internships, internship matching and contact with companies offering internships are therefore of great importance.

Alumni management

Work to build a relationship that provides value to both the alumnus and institution. From sending personalized newsletters and organizing events, to offering further education and using the alumnus as an ambassador.

Optimize your sales process

From sales opportunity to invoice, the process is fully supported in one package. The sales process is easy to integrate into Education365 with a financial package. This gives you a better grip on customized and in-company training.