Dynamics 365 Finance


Looking to automate financial processes such as invoicing and processing and paying supplier invoices? Then you need an ERP system you can depend on. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance will give your organization more control over your finances. With its reliable features, you can increase employee productivity and maximize financial performance, with features such as:

  • accounting
  • forecasting
  • managing accounts payable and receivable
  • budgeting
  • financial reports

What’s more, you can create innovative new business processes, restructure them, or grow them faster without running into any obstacles. Dynamics 365 Finance also delivers the right insights. By cleverly using sophisticated analytics applications and combining them with AI when needed, you can easily predict future results: what will your cash flow be in the near future, when debtors are likely to pay, the list goes on. This is useful for the current period, but also when drafting intelligent budgets.

At Focus Enterprise Solutions, we leverage our experience and expertise in Dynamics 365 implementation to proactively help your organization go further.

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