​With Fully Managed Kubernetes, True takes full responsibility for provisioning, managing and keeping the customer’s container platform available 24/7. SLAs guarantee uptime, performance and active monitoring. Kubernetes (K8s) is great, but hardly simple. Organisations that take the step to K8s, quickly run into various complexities, such as setting up and managing infrastructure, storage, load balancing and other network components.


About Kubernetes


Click here for a simple explanation of Kubernetes by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


Our solution


​True helps organisations transition to Kubernetes. True consults, designs and implements your first clusters and then provides in-depth support (24×7) and knowledge. You no longer have to invent anything yourself. Click here to learn more about True’s Managed Kubernetes services >


Our advantages


  • Get started quickly with Kubernetes: Everything is directly customised at True. You no longer spend hours setting up your environment, but you can quickly put your containers into production.
  • On-boarding process & adoption training: Your developers can get started quickly thanks to the True onboarding and training program. They’ll know everything about container technology in no time.
  • Hybrid capabilities: Within the True platform, containers as well as databases and legacy applications can be hosted. Your containers can also be used on the public cloud via the True platform.
  • Dedicated Solutions Architect: Modernising your legacy app with microservices? Or do you want to host new web services on multiple cloud environments? A Solutions Architect is ready to help you from day one.
  • Extensive support: True knows your environment inside out. This allows us to troubleshoot quickly. Problems are identified in a timely manner, fully vetted and resolved in the most efficient way.​