Pink 24/7

Pink Elephant’s service desk services, but 24/7. That, in short, is Pink 24/7. Pink 24/7 is an optional extension for Pink Elephant customers.
In practice, it means that any end-user of an organisation taking Pink 24/7 can call the service desk all day and night to get support. And because Pink Elephant’s service desk can resolve over 90% of incidents immediately, this will help many end-users immediately. And not just in the evening or night, also at weekends.

Regular opening hours service centre Pink Elephant:
07:00 to 18:00, on weekdays.

With the Pink 24/7 extension, this becomes:
00.00 to 23.59, all days.

Please note: Pink 24/7 concerns service desk services. In the unlikely event the service desk is still unable to resolve an incident, the regular opening hours apply again.

The exception is of course a Priority 1 report. These will still be taken up immediately by anyone required. What is new here is that any user can now report a Priority 1 incident to Pink Elephant’s service desk.