Pink Elephant provides support for end users who work from home through its Pink@Home service. With Pink@Home, Pink Elephant meets the demand from its clients for support at home. Especially now that many end users are working from home far more regularly than before.

There are now variants of Pink@Home: Support and Delivery:

  • Pink@Home Support: IT support at the end user’s home (when the incident can’t be solved remotely)
  • Pink@Home Delivery: delivery and collection of hardware for home workers

End users who work from home are more difficult to reach geographically. And they usually make use of private facilities in addition to business IT resources. For example, the Internet connection. This makes supporting these users more challenging, but Pink Elephant is not worried. “Our mission as Pink is to make IT personal. With Pink@Home Support, we substantiate this. Because what could be more personal than professional IT support in your own home? And that home can be anywhere in the Netherlands! Well, except for the Wadden Islands,” says Rob van Rinsum, Director of Pink Elephant.

Both variants of Pink@Home are customised as a service for our outsourcing clients. Due to geographical distances, the service levels are slightly different to those for office-based end-users.


Brigitte Jacobs