Cloud ERP software for your manufacturing business. Conquer the future with the right manufacturing software. Innovation in business software is moving at lightning speed. You need serious development power to stay ahead. This is what Microsoft delivers. But innovation on its own is not enough. You need a partner with knowledge of the local market and your industry. That’s our industry experts and standard solutions, based on Dynamics 365.

With Production365, you align your business strategy with the requirements of your customers. You keep a grip on your margins and gain real-time insight into the production process. Besides full support for your core processes, you get access to additional features such as integrated document management, insight into capacity with Power BI or creating apps for quality control. With this you will always have the latest product datasheets and customer orders.

The innovative Cloud ERP software Production365 is fully tailored to all processes within your production company. The solution uses the power of Dynamics 365 Business Central as a basis. We have translated our industry knowledge into the Production365 solution, providing you with the best ERP software, tailored to your challenges as a manufacturing company. For now and in the future.

Competitive quotations

Get a good, competitive and profitable quotation quickly. From a flexible configuration tool you can easily send quotations in Word with accompanying drawings to the customer. You include this pre-calculation simultaneously and automatically in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

From idea to article

Develop products together with the customer. Production365 connects to a wide range of CAD, PDM and PLM systems. This way, your drawings are directly available in your ERP as an article with parts list and machining plan.

Balanced production planning

Production365 ensures a balanced production planning. You let the production process run qualitatively and efficiently. Thanks to graphic production planning you ensure that you can deliver goods on time and identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Clear production orders

Use Microsoft Power BI reports to gain immediate insight into the status. Adjust projects and production orders centrally where necessary. Thanks to smart Shop Floor Control applications, you always have up-to-date insight into the progress of an order and you use the results to make timely adjustments.

Projects within budget

With Production365, you as a project-based production company always have control of your projects. Deviations from the budget are immediately made visible and you can adjust your production where necessary. This way you finish your projects on time and within budget.

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