CX Analytics CX Analytics

Our innovative cloud solution collects and harmonizes customer interaction data, places data in the context of the customer journey and actively enriches that data with predictive insights using artificial intelligence. Providing smart and detailed real-time insights about every touchpoint in the customer journey.

CX Data Hub

The Hub for CX Analytics connects customer data sources (such as CRM systems, website data). The more sources are connected, the richer the CX insights will be. After analysis, clients can use these insights to optimize the customer journey for measurable CX improvements and to increase customer happiness.

Data Extraction & Harvesting

At Underlined, we convert unstructured customer feedback data into structured data for migration and analysis. The data is refined, can be stored and further analysed. We automatically extract amounts of customer and feedback data from websites, CRM and other sources with a small script. Customer data becomes searchable in one solution for insights, personalizations and advertising purposes.

CX Enrichment

We make customer data truly useful by adding value to it and providing information with context. We aggregate data so that data is easy to understand and usable. Various data science models and Conversational Intelligence (AI) technology are used to generate insights.

CX Insights

Customers gain actionable insights behind their customers’ needs to optimize products and create consumer benefits. Aligning customer needs with business goals for better experiences and activation at the right moments across touchpoints.

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