PSA365 | Software for IT consultancy companies and accountancy firms

If you want to make automation work for you as a consultancy company, IT organization or accounting firm, then PSA365 is the solution for you. For companies that put the customer first, we have designed our Dynamics 365 solutions with appropriate standards. Thanks to these complete standards, your office can immediately benefit from the many advantages related to improving processes.

If, as a service organization, you want to achieve efficiency, you will need software that makes it possible to complete more work with the same people. Thanks to PSA365, we automate the entire prospect-to-cash process. In addition, you always have access to up-to-date management information regarding, for example, OHW positions in order to make the right decisions. Thanks to PSA365, hours can be written digitally in an accelerated way so that they are always up-to-date. This allows your employees to focus on the quality of the project and improving billability. Even when you are dealing with interbilling. Thanks to PSA365, data is centrally managed and exchanged with multiple legal entities. In doing so, your cash flow is always up to date.

PSA365 uses Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline all your back office processes. The entire financial administration is thus optimally automated. In addition, we add specific functionalities to Dynamics 365 Project Operations, so that important data at companies can be safeguarded by contacts, you can calculate projects in no time and guarantee that they are completed within the budget. PSA365 runs completely in the cloud so your business software is always up to date with the latest features, specifically for your industry.

Know everything about your (potential) customers

Tailored to the requirements of the Dutch market. Make direct use of company data from the Chamber of Commerce. Build a 360 degree customer view with PSA365, by securing all contact moments. With natural persons you keep your CRM system well-organized.

Optimized project planning

Make planning and managing projects even easier. Use graphical project planning with PSA365 and always plan the right employee for a task because skills are easily tracked through Power Apps.

Maximum billability

Thanks to weekly statements and digital time registration you never have to wait for the actual written hours of your projects. Declarability is transparent on all levels and your billing process is more accurate and accelerated with PSA365.

Make cash flow predictable

Use subscriptions, direct debits, advance billing and smart invoice proposals from PSA365 to boost the quality of your financial administration. Together with central data management and interbilling, you have complete control over your cash flow across various administrations.

Management information up-to-date

Use Power BI to present all your important data from PSA365 visually. Get to work with standard dashboards to monitor the most important KPIs for, among other things, invoicing, project pre-calculation and post-calculation, OHW and billability. This will enable you to make informed and correct decisions.

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