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Microsoft NL

Microsoft Partnership

Broad Horizon heeft een gecentraliseerde aanpak om de relatie met Microsoft, onze belangrijkste partner, verder te verbeteren en optimaliseren. Centraal hierin staat het Microsoft Engagement Team (MET)

De volgende collega’s zijn onderdeel van het MET:

  • Rob van Rinsum
  • Marieke vd Werf – Microsoft Partner manager
  • Benno Zelders – Pink
  • Daniel de Groot – True
  • Roel van Zon – GAC
  • Stijn Kuipers – Cmotions

Wat doet het MET (in het engels)?

Sales development and co-sell readiness

  • MET facilitates engagement with Microsoft sellers and key executives, both on vertical and strategical approach
  • MET helps with training and co-selling, to drive leads from Microsoft
  • MET supports the businesses to promote co-sell ready solutions on Commercial Marketplace within the eco system

Microsoft Event Management Coordination

  • MET engages in key Microsoft events with participants from relevant businesses
  • MET organizes (local) Microsoft related/ client events

Partner Rebate and Incentives

  • MET divides activity-based co-op marketing funds and helps claiming (for group MPN. Pink and GAC manage their own)

Partner status MPN renewal and ECIF

  • MET renews MPN annually (Emma for group MPN. Pink and GAC manage their own)
  • MET acquires and renews ECIF certification (Marieke + operational assistance of businesses)

Sharing knowledge

  • MET is the center for gathering and disseminating Microsoft news, product development and event information.
    MET reports performance to the board.

Governance of the BH Microsoft relationship, 3-year plan

  • MET Aligns and leverages BH’s engagement model to the Microsoft relationship
  • MET is key shareholder in BH’s annual Microsoft business plan and regularly updates Microsoft Executive Sponsors
  • MET is working with Microsoft’s’ Partner Development Manager on a 3-year growth plan including soliciting for the Inner Circle

Microsoft 1st Partner

  • MET interacts on a monthly basis with the Partner Development manager and Technical Strategist of Microsoft (Close the GAP)
  • MET provides Gold labels and helps marketing departments of labels to express Microsoft partnership (website, socials)

General support requests regarding Commercial Marketplace, user rights. Navigation and reporting in Premier Support portal


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