With managed hosting from True you know that the infrastructure of the hosting platform is optimally secured, but does that also apply to the security of your web applications that run on it? With the security audit, True periodically scans your web applications for common security issues. Technologies are constantly changing and evolving and it is extremely difficult to stay up to date in the volatile world of customer web development.


Vulnerabilities are coming out every day and with that, a customer would potentially have to apply patches every day. Is this feasible? Often not. However, it is of particular importance for clients to have insight into the security of its projects and to identify the risks involved. This allows them to incorporate updates/patches and changes into their own sprints to ensure their product is as secure and stable as possible. For both theirselves and their own customers.


Our solution


The security audit consists of a broad mix of automated scans, online investigation of vulnerabilities within the organization and manual attempts to break into systems and environments.


The audits are performed by security engineers with a great deal of technical knowledge and practical experience, including ethical hacking. They are also the ones who have set up our Advanced Security platform based on the learnings they have gained from, among other things, these security audits.


We have 3 different choices for customers in which the difference lies on the one hand in the amount of hours we put in and on the other the information that we can glean for them in these hours.


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