A Managed Private Cloud is a fully managed cloud environment in the cloud of True. The customer does not share this environment with others and has the guarantee that data is stored on Dutch soil. A Managed Private Cloud is suitable for business applications, large websites, web applications or e-commerce environments. True takes full responsibility for setup, migration from old to new environments and management (updates, patches, maintenance).


The challenges of our customers


A Managed Private Cloud is suitable for one or more of the following challenges:


  • Continuity: The application is mission-critical. This means that it may have minimal downtime because this can cause loss of turnover or reputation damage, for example
  • Performance: The existing web application or business application is experiencing downtime with the existing hosting provider or the application is slow to respond and dissatisfied.
  • Peak traffic: The web application or website must be calculated to suddenly be able to handle a lot of traffic, users or requests (peak load), which is not the case at the moment.
  • Security: The existing (company) application is still managed in-house, for example via a server in the office. However, maintenance takes a lot of time or is forgotten, which entails security risks and costs in maintenance.
  • Resource Management: Managing its own cloud environment costs an organization a lot of time. Valuable IT personnel such as developers, DevOps engineers or system administrators are often deployed to perform management. However, for many developers this is not a core task, so they can spend a lot of time on this.
  • Data storage in the Netherlands: The data of the business application or web application must be stored in European or Dutch soil due to legislation and regulations (AVG/GDPR).


Our solution


A Managed Private Cloud from True means that companies, organizations or developers can focus on their core activities instead of the complex design and maintenance of the hosting platform of their application. Whether the customer has a website, web application or business application: True takes full responsibility for a wide range of activities on the hosting platform. Click here for more information about True’s Managed Hosting services >


Joop den Hollander
Guido Bruijn