Pink365: the personal workplace by Pink Elephant.

Based on Microsoft technology. Microsoft solutions such as Microsoft365 and Azure, combined with a Social Intranet (Embrace or Indigo Pulse) and Pink Elephant’s best practices make Pink365 the practical and efficient solution for organisations looking for a workplace that does what the user needs. Pink365 is available in both a locally installed and an online variant (or a combination of both).

The main selling points are:

  • Pink365 is location-independent. End-users can work anywhere, on any internet device
  • Support personas: role-based profiles for types of end-users make Pink365 flexible, yet standard
  • Any device: Windows 10/11, Apple MacOS/iOS, Android: Pink365 just works
  • Personal portal: the portal is a social intranet that can be customised by the end-user. It is the starting point of work, containing access to news, applications, contacts, information, secure folders, etc
  • Standard and company-specific applications. Standard apps like Office 365, Microsoft Teams etc can be supplemented by specific applications. And 95% works with single sign-on (SSO)
  • Cloud-based: Pink365 works in the Public Cloud, a Private Cloud or a Hybrid Cloud environment
  • Secure: Pink365 combines optimal security with user-friendliness.

Video (Dutch):