Helping end-users to adapt to new software and the new possible workflows that come with it. PinkAdopt helps organisations make the most of the investments in new IT systems. With custom made trainings and instructions, end-users will be able to comfortably use their new (or existing) tooling, optimising their productivity. PinkAdopt will help in creating happier end-users.

There are three stages in PinkAdopt:

  1. Assessment: What is the best way of supporting the end-users? What is the available software? Do the end-users know how to use it? What kind of training or instruction would be best suited in the situation?
  2. Implementation: Creating the tools, training material, instruction video’s etc. And actually doing the workshops and trainings.
  3. Adoption-as-a-Service: The service in which your organisation is permanently supported in the further development of the (Pink365) workplace. With Adoption-as-a-Service, employees continue to receive the support they need to use their workstations optimally.