Hosted Navision full access to NAV with minimal startup costs and a fixed low price per user per month. The technical management of NaVision (infra + middleware) is in the hands of Broad Horizon.


The challenges of our customers:


  • Performance and capacity problems within NaV are often difficult to pinpoint where it is, is it the application, the infrastructure, the middleware?
  • Many organizations have one supplier that does the technical business of NaV and another that does the functional side, managing both parties takes a lot of time.
  • Adjustments require a lot of customization and the lead time is often long


Our solution


In addition to the functional management, Broad Horizon can also take care of the technical management of NaV for you. Because we have our own NaV platform, we can onboard users quickly and both technical and functional changes can be made quickly and customised.


Hosted Dynamics NAV 2016 provides the hosting of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 software package. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that gives organizations control over finances and simplifies supply, production and business operations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is quick to implement and easy to use. Dynamics NAV is a so-called 3-tier application. The data tier is based on Microsoft SQL server and several (mobile) clients are available for the presentation tier. This service enables the user to use Dynamics NAV exclusively via the internet from the Cloud. The use of the Windows client on the hosted desktop or as a published application is optional.


Joop den Hollander
Guido Bruijn